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College Planning & Funding Strategy Advisor

Office: 616.456.0794 &nbsp ext. 700
for reservations: ext. 702
Email: Tony@CollegePlanningAdvisorsofMI.com

About. Tony

Tony DeVecht serves as President and Director of Operations for College Planning Advisors of Michigan, LLC, a firm specializing in optimization of student services and funding strategies with parents to insure that their students dream school is a reality but not at the expense of mom & dads retirement . Tony lives in Grand Haven, Michigan where he and his wife Julie raised their daughter Hannah, and son Aris whose college educations they have successfully funded and now are enjoying their empty nest status.

Tony has served West Michigan and Mid-Western businesses and clients in a variety of capacities in the financial services areas in his 35 year career. He spent many years as a turnaround business consultant assisting struggling businesses to profitability or ascend to their next level of progression. Over time many of these clients began to call on Tony for help in business succession planning or liquidation in order to begin to plan for their retirement.

Tony’s past work led him to the realization that most financial advisors lack a holistic approach (coordination between funding college educations, retirement savings and tax planning) to retirement planning. Tony is licensed and certified to offer you this holistic and coordinated approach to College Planning and Funding with an eye toward preserving your retirement and minimizing any threat to it.

Tony’s goal is to educate you in this very complex process in hopes that he can help you avoid many of the costly mistakes that he made in this process with his own children.


Director of Student Services

Office: 616.456.0794
Email: Hannah@CollegePlanningAdvisorsofMI.com


Hannah DeVecht serves as Director of Student Services for College Planning Advisors of MI. Hannah is from Grand Haven, but currently lives in Grand Rapids. She began her college career attending school out-of-state at the University of North Carolina – Wilmington. After her first year, she returned home to Michigan and became a student at Grand Valley State University. She graduated in the spring of 2019 with a degree in English & Secondary Education. Newly graduated, she strives toward helping students find and pursue the right schools for each of their individually unique situations, while avoiding the crippling debt that has become commonplace over the past couple decades.

Hannah is both a product and a resource for College Planning Advisors of MI. She went through our services over four years ago and made it out with the least amount of debt and the most amount of confidence in the path she chose with help from our advisors. Now she has come on board to become one of those advisors, confident in the type of work they can do for students. Her experiences in the College of Education at GVSU made it evident that she has a knack for working with students and her passion makes her perfect for our team.


National Director of Student Services

Office: 616.456.0794 &nbsp ext. 701
Email: Maggie@CollegePlanningAdvisorsofMI.com

About. Maggie

Maggie Smith serves as Student Services Director for College Planning Advisors of MI. Maggie lives in Grand Rapids, MI. She attended Michigan State University and graduated in 2010 with a degree in Nutritional Sciences. Maggie worked for three years as a Membership Director for a nonprofit after graduation before deciding to move back to West Michigan. Maggie’s desire to help students plan for their future brought her to the field of college planning.

Maggie’s vast experiences throughout high school, college and real world training allow her to connect with students and offer guidance during the college planning process. In the past five years of serving as Student Services Director, Maggie has successfully assisted over 400 students through the complex process of college planning.

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300 Washington Ave, ste.100
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300 Washington Ave, Ste.100
Grand Haven, MI 49417
ext. 702 for reservations
ext. 700 Tony
ext. 701 Maggie


Tony DeVecht
Email: tony@collegeplanningadvisorsofmi.com

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